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Doing what I love and loving what I do! Writing, producing, directing is my passion......... Going through months of preparing these projects with my team and then the day comes where we are on the set in the middle of a vision we once drew out. Sitting and reflecting on filming the trailers for Catch the Beat and Dirty Jar, I can't help but celebrate (in advance) standing in the office signing the contract that too will be a vision that once was.

As these visions come to life I can only thank the Lord almighty making it happen. Thank you for giving me the wisdom to form Phylonalds Agency, for given me vivid visions, and for lining up the team and resources. I know it was all you!

Thank you to my team that helped me carry out these visions. You all are amazing and there is so much in store for us. We are so much stronger together than apart, and the best is yet to come. Darryl Gibson of N2U Media, Krystal Brown, and all of the supporting team members that they bring.

Have a show or movie idea let's talk, maybe Phylonalds can help bring your idea to life. If you have a dream go for it and don't stop. Don't let obstacles or people that don't understand get in your way.

Follow @Phylonalds on facebook, instagram, and twitter for updates on projects, future castings, and premier events.

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