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OUR VOICE is a unique talk show that empowers today’s youth by addressing relevant topics, featuring inspirational guests, debating issues and current events, and providing entertainment and activities

The Land of Berry's DOCUMENTARY


Murine Berry inherited over 86 acres of land from her grand father.  She has been faced with the challenge to keep it from neighboring land owners and the city of Dallas.  The proposed bullet train runs straight through her land and she is fighting with everything in her to keep the land in her family.

Catch the Beat Band show concept and reel
Catch The Beat


"Behind every voice there is a band!"  Catch the Beat is a band game show with the best local bands in multiple cities competing for the crown of best band and an opportunity to play for a major artist.


Opal Lee The Last to Know Juneteenth Documentary
The Last To Know

Documentary on the journey of 93 year old Opal Lee's walk to DC from Texas in pursuit of preserving the history of Juneteenth.

CLICK to TRAILER - Completed Project

Writer Krystal Brown's show Dirty Jar about an underground gambling club


Drama series based in 1950s South Side Chicago at the hottest underground lounge.  You had to know what was going on to know it was going on.  The lady boss was well respected and got her hands dirty if someone failed to recognize it.

Foster Care Documentary poster.  Casting those who have grown up in foster care and others associated like counselors, case and social workers, families, group homes, and more.
Foster After Care


Documentary    --  Pre-production

Documentary highlighting the struggles of foster care children when they turn 18 years old and the limited programs available to help them with adulthood.  


Mercedes Johnson documentary

Rising Above Southside Chicago is a documentary about the life of Mercedes Johnson. Enduring many traumas and losses in her life, the young author Mercedes Johnson managed to rise above her circumstances growing up in Southside Chicago.  Author Mercedes Johnson is now taking HerStory and helping others find healing through understanding Their Story and how it has driven their purpose.  


Full Service Video Production Company


 We Write, Create, Direct, and Produce

*Short Films  *Feature Length Films *Reality Shows *Documentaries *Drama Series *Game Shows *Music Videos

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